Random songs, [originals are copyright]

I'd Like to Thank You
Thanks to all the people who have helped me reach this point on my journey...........
this song is for  you

Written from experience, busking with members of my family during the 70's - 90's.

  Con's Song
Con would say 'I suppose they're no harm when offering a cigarette.
He died of cancer and on the night he died, this song came to me.
 I play it to a cigarette

Love Your Lady
Intended to help some of the young men asking young men's questions.

Who starts the War
This song was written while working with and singing peace songs to Northern Children
during the troubles of the 70's-90's.

Blood Song.
From a very early age it was my ambition to donate 100 whole units of blood,
which I fulfilled in my 65th year.. For many years I acted as a volunteer organizer
with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service and wrote this song during that time.

The Parting Glass
   I first heard this song at a memorial occasion for a friend who had passed.
I later learned the song and felt moved to record it as a requiem.
Recorded In the Star of the Sea Church in Goleen,
this track is dedicated to those who have passed before me 
and those who will pass after me .
You will hear the wind, between the words,
which to me represents the spirits moving.

Judge Not
At a very young age I was warned that some would judge me
by the cleanliness of my fingernails and the shine on my shoes.
This song is probably a reaction.

Danny was a young fisherman friend who drowned in Dunmanus Bay in 1979.
This song came to me on the night of his death

A novitiate friend had asked me to sing at his ordination and I tried to write a song with words
that the bearded man might have used.

Not strangers to the needle
This song and 'Drug Abuse' evolved while playing music on a weekly basis
to an organization of ex drug addicts, and listening to their stories.

Come on Beaver
Directed at my former self and the affluence of Canada,
on behalf of the opposite end of the economic scale in the Third World.
Like Your Heart is Kind, this song was inspired by the generosity of the people of Ireland

Your Heart is Kind
Like Come on Beaver but with a wider scope, this song was inspired by the generosity of the people of Ireland.

Emigration aftermath

Cyberspace Blues
During my work on the campaigns to Save Dunmanus Bay and Save the Tara landscape, I spent too long on a computer,
wrangling with bureaucracy and at the same time designing websites for the campaigns and also commercially.

Hope you enjoy the music
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